When we look around our built environment we don’t always see the detail and yet glass plays a major role in the design and infrastructure of buildings. In addition to window glazing, glass can be seen across a spectrum of applications from balconies to stairwells and even walls and ceilings. Glass provides protection, light, safety and energy and our expert team know how to specify and install every type of glass for any type of use.

For more information on our glazing options please view our Glazing case studies. Alternatively you can contact us direct to discuss your requirements with one of our experts.

Stanmore offer all types of glazing, windows and doors for residential and commercial buildings. Our glazing solutions are made to the highest safety and quality standards for use multiple uses including high rise windows, entrances, flooring, sound-proofing, listed buildings, in any size, shape or colour. Our fitters are highly skilled craftsmen who specialise in the handling, fitting and care of glass, giving our customers total peace of mind and guaranteed long term performance.